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Considering a Whippet?

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Whippets want to be with their people all the time! This is not a good breed for you if you plan to put your dog away when you have company or "when Dad gets home." A whippet left alone for long periods often becomes destructive and neurotic. Be sure you want a constant companion before you decide on a whippet!

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Yes, Thirteen!

Fiona and father Denim welcomed a litter of 13 puppies on May 22, 2016, all born naturally at home, all healthy and great birth weights. Jo and Derek raised them at Timbreblue South Carolina and 11 puppies went home to their new owners on July 23 and 30 – we kept two! We kept a red boy with white markings (Jaime) and a blue girl with white markings (Brienne). Those who have been following the pregnancy on Facebook will know that a "blue Rini granddaughter" was exactly what Jo was hoping to get from this litter, so it was fantastic of Fiona to provide us with four blue girls to choose from!

The Litter
We received 8 girls and 5 boys from Fiona and Denim: four blue girls (two with white trim), three black girls (with white toes and chests), two blue fawn boys (with white toes and chests, and dark masks), two black boys with white markings, one black girl with white markings, and one red boy with white markings.

The Birth
Fiona started labor at 4:30pm on May 22, delivered the first puppy at 8:25pm, following with a puppy every half hour pretty much, finishing up with number thirteen at 4:50am on the 23rd. All of the puppies had healthy birth weights, ranging from 9.5 ounces to 11.5 ounces. We recommend our Panacur Protocol and credit it, along with proper nutrition and regular exercise during pregnancy, for our excellent birth weights and healthy newborns.

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