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Considering a Whippet?

Timbreblue Plays in Puddles - "Simon"

A whippet is not a good choice if you have outside cats. Remember that this breed was developed to chase and kill small, furry running creatures. They may be best friends in the house, but once outside, your whippet's beloved Muffy becomes prey! Chasing is a deeply rooted whippet instinct, and you can't train it out.  Don't worry...the picture above is just a stuffed toy!

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The Timbreblue Family Reunion PDF Print E-mail

Update!  We're fortunate to have obtained the same site for the 2011 Timbreblue Whippet Reunion as last year. It was held in Harrisonburg, VA at "Love on a Leash", a private training facility that we rented for the occasion. The weather was gorgeous (mid 80's), the food was awesome, and fun was had by all. People and dogs played until they were tired, relaxed in the shade or indoors until they had more energy, and played some more. We even had agility equipment available indoors and outdoors for those who wanted to give it a whirl. We're very excited about this year's reunion, coming up October 1!


If you own a puppy or rescue from Timbreblue or Marnay Whippets, we hope to see you every year at our annual family reunion!  Or if you're looking for a whippet or you'd like to get to know some before making your final decision about which breed is right for you, contact us about stopping by.

Every year brings the usual fun and chaos you get with 50 or so whippets and their owners, who are, incidentally, the most interesting, smartest, and nicest people in the world. (Hey, we chose them for our puppies and rescues, after all!)

Everyone brings a covered dish and the agenda is nonexistent.  Lunch is around one-ish and the rest of the time we just spend hanging out with the dogs and getting to know each other.  Timbreblue's trainer extrordinaire, Bev Crawley, is on hand to help with any behavioral problems you might have with your dogs. It starts around ten and goes till the dogs wear out.

The reunion is usually in September or October, when it's starting to cool off in Virginia. More specific information will be available on the Timbreblue Pups email list, and if we have your email address, we'll send you an email invitation about a month before the reunion.



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