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Timbreblue Slams the Door

Whippet breeders are very protective of the breed. Most will ask you to sign an agreement that a puppy sold as a pet will not be bred. This precaution is to safeguard the quality and health of whippets as a whole. In popular breeds where careless or uninformed breeding is common, temperaments and appearances vary so widely that it's hard to believe that some of the dogs are even the same breed! Careless or ill-informed breeding has made many breeds shy, snappy, and unstable. We don't want whippets to go there!

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Timbreblue puppies are raised in our home, thoroughly socialized, and guaranteed for health and temperament. By the time they go to new families, they have had car rides, met lots of people and dogs, and been handled and snuggled many times daily since they were born.

Our puppies are reared literally underfoot. The whelping box is in our guest room and I spend my days there when we have puppies. When they start to climb out of the box, we cover the floor with plastic sheeting and newspaper and give them the run of the room...a giant indoor play area. We think this provides more stimulation and more room for exercise and play than being kept in a pen these first few weeks.

At about five weeks, they begin trips outside to play for an hour or so at a time, always attended by their mama as well as their human "mama." At six weeks, we all pack up and move downstairs to the office/doggy den, where they meet and mingle with the other whippets. Here's when we start real housebreaking, though it will have to be completed by their new owners. Though owners can be trained to prevent most accidents through careful supervision and really good timing, puppies themselves are not reliably housetrained till four to six months.

Weaning time is determined by the puppies' mother. We don't take them away from her. She stays with them as long as she can stand them and, depending on how much patience she has, usually continues nursing at least a little through five or six weeks, sometimes even longer.

Mom and our other family dogs (we have an accomplished grandma and a variety of other canine nursery assistants) have a lot to teach a puppy before he's ready for the demands of a new home. We've found that keeping the pups till ten weeks is about optimal, though there's no harm in having them here longer. Whippets bond with new owners at any age. But they learn important bite inhibition and manners from their littermates, Mom, and the other adult whippets.

If at any time for any reason, a whippet of our breeding cannot stay in his original family, he is welcome to come home to us regardless of age or questions asked. And we'll always refund at least a portion of your purchase price.

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