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People who are serious about whippets and about breeding carefully nearly always show or race their dogs, at least a little. And yes, they plan litters hoping to get a great winner. But most of the puppies in every litter will go to pet homes because of a minor cosmetic or structural flaw (often noticeable only to the breeder!) --- the breeder can only keep so many whippets! Those pet puppies come from the same meticulously planned breeding and receive the same attention and loving care as the "pick of the litter." That's why you want to buy your pet from a breeder who shows or races.

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Timbreblue Colors Outside The Lines JC ~ "Rini" PDF Print E-mail

(Appraxin Amulet Avant-Garde x UKC Ch Timbreblue Loves a Romeo)

  • Rini the whippetBorn September 4, 2009 (The Gemstone Litter)
  • AKC Reg #HP35318601
  • Cardiac Echo Normal (02/2013) - OFA #WP-CA990/40F/C-VPI-ECHO
  • CERF Normal (02/2013) - # WP-378998

Rini was the first solid blue bred at Timbreblue, so she is extra special to us. She is the daughter of Juliet and Blue from the Gemstone Litter, and lives with Johannah and Derek in South Carolina.

Rini is our matriarch Ivy's great-granddaughter and inherited her amazing intelligence. Rini picked up basic obedience training very quickly, has enjoyed practicing lure coursing, and will soon be making her debut in the show ring soon. She's very well balanced and athletic.

Rini the whippetRini has a great sense of humor and inherited her mother's love of people -- she loves to give hugs and kisses! She also loves to chase tennis balls and frisbees. She sleeps on the pillow next to Jo's head every night and is always by her side, like a little shadow. She understands a good bit of English and can often be found tilting her head from side to side, trying to catch words that she knows -- see the videos below.

Rini's first litter of 10 puppies (with "Sporting Fields Move On" or  Henry) were born Oct 28, 2010 at Timbreblue in South Carolina. The puppies inherited their mother's intelligence and their father's sweet temperament. We kept a black female from the litter, Fiona.

One of Rini's great passions is lure coursing! Here's a photo of Rini chasing the lure, while earning her Junior Courser title!

Rini lure coursing

Rini's main hobbies are cuddling, sleeping, running, and acquiring chewies.

As you can see from the videos below, she takes her hobby of acquiring chewies VERY seriously. =)


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