Please join us Sept 30!

The 2017 Timbreblue Whippet Reunion will be
Saturday, Sept 30 (10am-4pm), at Love on a Leash in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Photo by Holly Curran - Thanks!All owners of Timbreblue Whippets (included extended family and honorary Timbreblues) are required to attend. We didn’t mention that when you bought your puppy? Okay, it’s not a requirement, but we sure hope you will c0me.

We happily include in the “Timbreblue Family” all of the whippets we have helped find homes, whether they are Timbreblue by birth or not, along with our “extended family” through Marnay, Windryder, Abraxas, and Belle Folie Whippets. Pups from Jo Pelton (Rajopa) and Joan Lavell (Windsong) who have lived with us Timbreblue are certainly welcome!

For those who have not attended a reunion yet, you’re in for a treat. We spend the day relaxing, getting to know each other, and playing with the dogs. We host a pot-luck lunch and Timbreblue provides the main dish. Don’t feel obligated to bring food if you’re traveling a long distance, however –there is always plenty! If you do bring food, let us know what you’re bringing on the RSVP page.

reunion_happy_bycurranRoommates and friends of whippets are also welcome, so if you have another dog who will feel left out, bring him or her along. Most of us let our dogs off leash — the area is completely fenced and the gate area is double fenced — your only responsibilities are to keep an eye on your dogs, pick up behind them, and have a good time!

Bring a lawn chair or blanket. There is plenty of sun, so you might want to pack sunblock and sunglasses, or a big straw hat or umbrella if you’re the “sunburns in five minutes” type. If you have a day shade or pop-up tent you might want to bring it!!

Please read the notes and RSVP above.