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A whippet needs to be a part of the family. This is not a dog you can shut away in another room or in a crate when company comes, and it's not a dog you should  leave in the yard alone. Please be sure before you get a whippet that you're really ready for another family member...because that's what you're getting with a whippet!

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UKC Champion Timbreblue Loves a Romeo ~ "Juliet" PDF Print E-mail

Ch. Sowagla Mythmaker (Arthur) ex Timbreblue Shows Her Panties (Fannie)

Juliet is as lovely as she is sweet. She's not clingy, but loves to be cuddled and gives hugs and kisses by wrapping her front legs firmly around your neck.Juliet moved easily into "pack queen" status when her grandmother Ivy passed away in 2012, but she rules a little more gently than Ivy did. She is our official greeter, though due to her exuberance we sometimes put her on a leash temporarily when guests arrive! Juliet has a great sense of humor and especially likes to tease Kara by stealing Kara's giant teddy bear and shaking it in her face. Juliet was shown in just a few AKC and UKC shows, finishing her UKC championship handily. Then she moved to the whelping box, where her true talents lay! She produced several lovely litters for us, usually having 11 or 12 puppies (huge litters fora whippet!) and raising them all herself. She's a loving, attentive mother, now retired, but she still likes to babysit ocasionally. Her only duties now are to keep an eye on the younger whippets' manners and to grace us with her presence in the living room.








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