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Whippets want to be with their people all the time! This is not a good breed for you if you plan to put your dog away when you have company or "when Dad gets home." A whippet left alone for long periods often becomes destructive and neurotic. Be sure you want a constant companion before you decide on a whippet!

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A Breeders Diary - Chapter Two: The Pregnancy PDF Print E-mail
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We don't know whether Ivy is pregnant, although she is acting a bit more lethargic than usual and has become irritable with Chase, who is usually her buddy. She's also very clingy, following me everywhere I go. We can't really tell if she's acting abnormally though or it's just wishful thinking!


Morning sickness...and maybe it's my imagination, but she sure looks pregnant to me. Walt says definitely yes. It could also be a false pregnancy though. I'm trying not to get too excited yet.


Well, she's either headed for a serious weight-loss program or she's got babies in there. Somehow we thought that a pregnant whippet would lose her figure a bit more, but she looks sleek and fit from the side, and huge from above.


Ivy is none too happy about this pregnancy business. She sulks all day and has nothing nice to say to anyone. I'm feeling a little guilty about putting her through all this and I worry about the birth. I keep hearing stories about bitches who died from complications. I'm not inexperienced at this...I've whelped a number of collie litters, but it's been several years. Am I more nervous because I know more than I did when I started in collies or because I've forgotten everything? Unfortunately I haven't forgotten everything that can go wrong. In my last litter of collies we lost all but one of the puppies and had to hand-raise him.


So much for the svelte outline. Ivy looks like a watermelon on legs. She is doing very little exceptfollowing me around and eating like a horse. We bought puppy supplies—bitch milk replacer and bottles in case she can't feed them. I'm brushing up on tube feeding procedure in case it's necessary. A friend loaned us a whelping box and we've turned the guest room into a nursery. Whelping pads for the bottom of the box, vitamin supplements, first aid supplies. We haven't changed Ivy's diet other than the quantity. She's always been in pretty good condition, but we do have to walk her about a mile a day to keep her toned.

Expenses: Supplies $145


X-ray today ($90) showed seven little skulls! Ivy doesn't follow me everywhere like she used to - too much bulk to move around. We try to get her out for walks at least once a day, but she doesn't have much enthusiasm for them. Oh, the x-ray or an ultrasound is always a good idea to see how many puppies to expect. If one pup isn't delivered along with the others, there can be serious, even fatal, results.

Expenses: Xray $90


I started sleeping in the "whelping suite," as Walt calls the guest room now. The puppies could come any time after the 57th day, and that's today if she got pregnant on the first breeding. She refuses to sleep in the whelping box, but stays in the bed with me. This could be interesting.


Started taking her temperature twice a day now. It will drop to below 100 degrees 24 hours before whelping. Right now it's 101.1 to 101.9. She groans when she sees the thermometer.


Still nothing. Ivy and I sit in the guest room and stare at each other. She wants to be with me all the time...I feel sorry for her hauling herself up and down the stairs, so I moved my computer into the guest room. I'm feeling guilty at putting her through all this. I know it's just cold feet on my part, but I keep thinking of all the things that can go wrong. I would never forgive myself if I lost her.


Okay, her temperature has dropped below 100. I'm ready for some puppies. Ivy still is not sure what's going on, and she is very uncomfortable. She pants a lot and actually lies on her back to get comfortable...something she has never done. We go outside to walk a lot. She has to pee all the time, it seems. Our entire household has begun to revolve around her belly.


(4:00 am)

I'm exhausted. Ivy and I were up nearly all night. At least I was. Every time she moved, I jumped. She crawled under the covers all the way to the bottom of the bed (her favorite sleeping position) and would not lie still. I remember from my collie litters that these final few days seem to go on forever, but at this rate I'm going to wind up sleeping through the whelping just because I've stayed up so long waiting for it!

(9:00 pm)

Well, this is just great...her last day or two of pregnancy and Miz Ivy decides to pull out her switchblade and start a rumble with Judy Street Dog. It was time for their bedtime biscuits, and everyone lined up in the kitchen, just as they have every single night for the past two years...ever since we moved here. I tossed the biscuits...just as I have every single night for the past two years. Everyone caught a biscuit, but Ivy dropped part of hers. It rolled underneath Judy, and I guess Ivy took that as... Who knows what she took it as, but she jumped Judy. They have never fought, but they really got into it. Walt pulled out the diet soda (our emergency dog-fight-stopper) shook it up and squirted them with it. That broke it up enough that I could grab Ivy by the hind legs and he could haul Judy into the living room and close the door. Excitement like this I could do without. Probably the puppies could do without it too.

(10:00 pm)

I think Ivy is in the first stages of labor. But then I've thought that more or less all day long. More panting, "nesting" on the bed. She's still not interested in the whelping box unless Isit in it with her. We sat there all afternoon today, me reading a book and her sleeping, but it gets pretty uncomfortable. Beginning to wonder if I will ever sleep again.

Total expenses during pregnancy $235

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